Tuesday, October 20

Back from France!

Me in Roquebrun, France (Herault).

I am back home in Tucson, our arrival greeted by luscious dry desert temps in the upper/mid-90s.

Ken came home from his first day back work at work yesterday around 4pm.  We immediately agreed it was nap time…  so we got horizontal and the next time I opened my eyes, it was midnight!  I got up to get a big drink of water and turn out a few lights -- and then I got back in bed for another 3 hours!  Now that I am finally upright, I feel almost human again!  The next time we go to France, I want to go by boat!

Our trip to France was everything we’d hoped for and more.  As soon as I get my videos and (about 500!) photos organized, I will share a bunch of them. (I promise, not all!) 

We chose to totally “unplug” for the entire trip, so that meant no blog or Facebook posts in “real time.”  It was a welcomed break!  And now I’m looking forward to sharing the trip with you guys over the next couple of weeks.

A bientot!