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About me:
Claire O'Connor
I teach e-courses all about opening up to ease and creative flow, in life and art. And I facilitate and moderate an online community-of-practice that supports and celebrates participants in living a life filled withe ease and creative flow. 

I love to quilt, paint, garden, putter and love up on my hunny. We live in a sweet turquoise historic Mexican hacienda in central Tucson, Arizona, in the heart of The Flowering Desert.

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Oh! And here's my darlin' Kenny:
Ken Plattner

And, in sweet memoriam, here's Roxy the Wonder Dawg (January 2004-April 2012):

Artist's Statement
E N E R G Y - A T - P L A Y

I design and create bright, happy contemporary art quilts and watercolors that make me swoon. I quilt and paint for the pure, deep voluptuous pleasure of making colors play and textures dance -- in my eyes and under my fingers and through my brain and body. Color makes me thumpity-thump giddy. Color feeds me. Patterns are song. Lines, too. Shapes. Light. And texture. For me, this is Holy Stuff. That pulsing sexy beat of love-energy that sings above and below the surface. Succulent color and pattern are the keys to my castle, the gate into my garden. I adore being in my studio playing with colors, fabrics, pigments, and sensuous patterns-within-patterns. And if all this were the only reason for being, that would be a-plenty, darlin’! Life is all tantalizing patterns brimming with energy-at-play. And, if you happen to take pleasure from this-here version of heaven… well, really, does it get any better?

Why "Enchanted Home"?

The origin of the word "enchant" means "to sing toward."  When I think of "enchanted home," I think of my physical home as well as my metaphorical home -- in my body, on the planet and in the cosmos.  For me, it's about being fully embodied, grounded, and completely present wherever I am.  The concept of Enchanted Home reminds me that by fully engaging in my everyday life, I sing toward my home.