Friday, January 23

Piecelique: Circle, a la Sharon Schamber

I took a quilting technique class last weekend at Bella Quiltworks here in Tucson from Keith Dommer called "Perfect Curves". Keith taught us a pieced-applique technique by Sharon Schamber from her book "Piecelique: Curves the New Way". Here is the block I made in class; it's 11" square. It's pretty cool, and it is also what I would call a "precision technique". I'm more attracted to free-form, uh, how shall we say this diplomatically, uh, NON-precision techniques, but it was quite fun to see how to create a perfect circle if'n I ever need to! In her book, Sharon shows other applications of this curve technique in more organic shapes, so I think I will play around and see what emerges! Given the choice between organic and precise, I'd choose organic any day! How about you?


  1. I'd be tempted to cut this lovely circle up and see what happens! It's fun to learn tons of different techniques, just to have in your back pocket for a rainy day! Cheers!