Thursday, August 26

Commissioned Hand-Dyed Improv Quilt is DONE!


Ta-da!!  Here is the finished hand-dyed improv quilt that my friend and mentor Katie Hendricks commissioned recently.  I got to hand-deliver it to her in Santa Barbara this past weekend and she squealed with delight!

The quilting is done in wavy organic diagonals to enhance the motion of the design.

It measures approximately 60 x 65 inches, and is made with organic cottons and silks, hand-dyed with natural dyes by ME and my hunny Ken. The teal-blue border fabric is the only “non-conformer”: a gorgeous multi-hued commercial Carolina Chambray by Robert Kaufman.

Wednesday, August 25

Showing off! Naturally-dyed, hand-painted/stamped silk scarf

DSC_0080Scarf.Ed DSC_0080Scarf

Here are two images of this fab scarf – my first experimental foray into stamping and painting on silk.  This scarf is one of the Habotai silks Ken and I hand-dyed recently using natural dyes – in this case, marigold, tesu and indigo. The indigo was layered on using an ancient Shibori technique.

Click either image to enlarge.

I’m showing you the enhanced photo image (left) as well as the original (right).  The enhanced image shows the details of the paint detail better; the original shows the true colors of the scarf better.

This scarf has been sold, but I am taking orders for our next creative dye weekend here at Casa Encantada.  Let me know if you’d like to commission a custom creation! 

Prices ranges from $30 to $60. Just to give you an idea, this one sold for $45.  Scarves measure 13 x 56 inches, a perfect length for a variety of draping approaches. The weight is perfect for summer or winter wear. It has a beautiful drape and flow, along with a lustrous and luxurious shine.

Email me at or give me a call at (520) 444-1847 (Pacific Time).