Wednesday, September 9

Quilt back is done!!


The current size is 121” x 109” -– It will get trimmed after it gets' quilted, which is the next step!  The top and the back are done.  Now I’ll go back to the quilt shop and get a big ol’ roll of batting and a yard of fabric for the binding!

Below is a close-up of the four fabrics I used for the backing.  The photo above does not give a true “read” of the fabrics.  They are really quite stunning – especially the one on the left, which is O’s favorite.  It’s a gorgeous turquoise and cobalt batik in a sort of coral reef pattern. It’s Ken’s fave, too. It did not work with the fabrics used on the front, so I wanted to make sure I used a whole lot of it on the back.  And I did!  Over 7 yards of it!


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