Wednesday, November 18

New quilt: Casa Encantada #1

Sunny House

Casa Encantada #1
$125, plus $12 S&H
11 x 15 inches
Artfabrik hand-dyed cottons, 100% cotton commercial batiks, and hand-embroidered with Artfabrik hand-dyed cotton threads

Here is one of the two quilts I made at Laura Wasilowski’s delightful workshop “Fusing Fun” this past weekend at the Rim Country Quilt Roundup in Payson, Arizona (home of Zane Grey). I’ll post the other quilt tomorrow.

Laura is one of the bestest teachers EVER!  She’s super-organized, funny, and, as the Choir Director (and the Dean of Corrections!) of The Chicago School of Fusing – she is full of hysterical fused-quilt-related songs. What a hoot!  It was a fabulous weekend -- and learning this technique has opened so many doors in my brain! Yum!


  1. Oh yeah -- that's it! Super little quilt! Didn't you find it freeing to learn LW's techniques? She is a great teacher, you're right. I am a really big fan of her and her whimsical work.. and as for her fabrics and threads -- well......

  2. Hi Claire,
    What a beautiful quilt! Thanks for taking my class. I really enjoyed meeting you.