Monday, December 7

Enchanted Studio -- on the move!

Ken and I have decided to ease our mortgage payments while socking away moolah for our big move to France with a little help from renting out a room to a tidy engineer fella.  The most likely room to rent was the one attached to the hall bath… also known as… my studio!

Inside, as always, is the silver lining!  What was the “summer living room”, aka, the Arizona Room, has now become my studio!  Click here to see what this room USED to look like. This is SUCH a yummy space – with windows on two-and-a-half sides, a big ol’ woodstove, tons of plants and three times the square footage!  Who I am to complain?  Oh! Quite the contrary!

Check out my new studio digs:






Here, inspired by the quilt fusing workshop I took with Laura Wasilowski, I spent the weekend fusing a select batch of batiks from my stash.  Here, with the Wonder Under release paper still attached:


And peeled!


In this corner (below), we lugged in the double chaise from the west courtyard deck and made a great place to snuggle up in front of the fire.  It’s too cold to enjoy the chaise outside at this time of year. 


As our “summer living room”, the Arizona room can get purty chilly, what with the 1950s single-pane windows.  So this winter, our woodstove is sure to get a workout.  Yes! Tucson DOES have “winter.”  The mercury has barely touched 60 degrees midday this last week (oh my!), with night-time temps flirting with the freezing mark. It is quite breezy today, 20 to 30 mph, with gusts to around 45 mph tonight. 6 to 10 inches of snow is predicted for the higher elevations tonight.  Cool El Nino rains have arrived.  In January and February, we can expect daytime highs in the 40s and 50s, nighttime lows in the 30s. Not exactly what many of you are suffering, but not exactly chaise-lounging weather either!


  1. Oh my what a gorgeous room and that light is to die for. I visited there two years ago and I couldn't get over the blueness of the sky and I can even see it through your pictures.The stove gives the room a very cozy look.

  2. I wouldn't be complaining either with all of that natural light. Wow what a room.

    I didn't realize you got that cool in Jan. and Feb. My brother's family lived there for 5 years and all I heard them talk about was the heat in the summer.

  3. What a gorgeous sewing space! I'm sure the wood stove will keep things quite toasty. The light in there is fantastic!