Wednesday, February 3

QAWM: Oh dear, too…


These blocks looks much nicer individually than they do all together.  Ugh.  Teetering on feeling not-so-hopeful about the outcome of Quilt-Along-with-Melody, LOL!  And I did not even bother to photograph the first two setting attempts because they were so bordering on awful.  One setting actually struck me as garish.  Imagine!  Now I am thinking it would have been entertaining for you to see them after all, haha!


How does Wanda Hanson of Exuberant Color pull it off? By “it”, I mean fearlessly combining wild prints with fabulous outcomes. I am sure it is practice/experience, a really good design eye, AND a monster stash of amazing fabrics – and being willing to fall flat.  I present my case for falling flat – at least temporarily!


Time to let these puppies percolate for a few days.  No answers are coming at the moment.  I want to eat some chocolate. Though, when I cut into the big blocks to make them into four smaller blocks, I felt I wanted to keep them at the half-block stage, so maybe I will sew them back up and try setting them again as rectangles. And last night I dreamt of adding curves somehow.  I also have some more blocks to make with some coordinating fabrics, so that will change everythin’ too…  hmmm…. 


  1. Well..........the first thing I would do is mix up the quarters from the different blocks, LOL, however I have to say I like the last picture with the blocks seeming to be under a layer of lattice. Try a black white print for the lattice..........

  2. keep going with this. I find the mix of fabrics pleasing and happy! am also doing the QAWM. My stash is not nearly as happy! enjoy!
    <3 judi in wny