Tuesday, April 13

Place your order with The Cosmic Waitress!

How good are you willing to let your life get?

cosmic cafe Join a group of amazing and open-hearted women as we practice the art of pulling magic out of our own hats in a 6-week teleclass I’m facilitating!

2 spots left!

Many of us drain away our manifestation power through some combination of chronic inner criticism, self-sabotage, relationship conflict, paralysis, and/or a lack of clarity within ourselves.

In this deeply experiential program, you'll:

  • Change the results you produce by getting better at reliably opening the flow of love and energy within yourself
  • Create friendly, playful shifts that dissolve crusty-old-stuck places more quickly than you may have thought possible
  • Without strain or effort, step into the clarity that may be eluding you
  • Experience how to open up your feeling of aliveness while opening up to allowing and receiving what you most want

cosmic waitress We'll be placing our "orders" with The Cosmic Waitress. 

Click here to learn more, to read testimonials from previous participants, and to sign up!

The kitchen is hoppin', so come on over to the Cafe and join us!

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