Monday, June 1


This weekend was great fun – we played some more in accessorizing our deck and continuing the transformation. Click here to see what it looked like before.

We added a romantic (AND functional, come monsoon season) mosquito netting. Also, a sweet little flagstone-topped side table. We found the metal frame for cheap at Connie’s Cellar Chic and had an extra piece of flagstone leftover from another project that we just laid on top of it – how easy was that?!




After the sculpture installation, we all felt we needed something under it to ground it, so Ken came up with the idea of adding a few boulders, stones and plants.  I think it came out great! Any suggestions on how to light it?



Since the hummingbirds are already happily sipping at the corner fountain, we thought we’d entice them even more with some sweet nectar.


Then, with Ken’s dad’s move to a smaller place, we inherited a lovely white iron table from his old place. Now we are on the hunt for a couple of old, mismatched Arizona sun-safe chairs. Yay… I’ll get another reason to make pillows! As if I needed one! I am thinking my true calling is that of pillow-maker. I wonder if there is a market for pillows at the Farmer’s Market or elsewhere? Hmmm…..

We also found this punched-tin chandelier for half-price at a big antique consignment place, Copper Country Antiques. With a coat of matte white spray paint and a plant hook prayerfully attached to the leaning sycamore tree, it looks ooh-la-la so French, non?!

This weekend perhaps our contractor will be clever enough to figure out how to safely electrify it so that it can add to the evening ambience out there. Right now, it is purely decorative.


Our first official use of the “new” table, graced by Ken’s outstanding pasta alitalia and a robust red from Beziers, France – one of our destinations on our October trip:DSC_0061

We found a $3 plaster column thingie that makes a lovely plant stand at Tucson’s Paris Flea Market -– a very sweet store. An $8 mirror from a thrift store completes the composition:


Yet another terra cotta pot – one perhaps cannot have too many.




And lastly, a shot taken a couple of minutes ago, capturing the dappled June Arizona morning sunlight that just stopped me in my tracks:


Made me think of the lyrics from that Indigo Girls song, World Falls:

“Everywhere I turn, all the beauty just keeps shaking me.”

Ahhhhhh… Can it get better than this? (I believe that it can! More pillows anyone?)


  1. Delightful! Do you leave the pillows outside all the time?

  2. Ooh, you make that desert lifestyle look so appealing. I do miss my travels there.

  3. Thanks Carmen! Yep – I actually WANT the sun to fade them. And I specifically did NOT choose outdoor-rated fabrics because I just find them so stiff and not-so-nice against bare legs and arms.

  4. Thanks Chris!! So glad to help give you a dose of desert living! -- Claire