Wednesday, June 3

Sweet seersucker

What is it about seersucker that makes me swoon? It seriously has to be THE most comforting fabric of them all. (What?! Could polarfleece possibly be edged out?)




I just made this sweet pistachio-green-and-white curtain for the French door in our Master bathroom. I’ve had this piece of fabric for years, reluctant to cut into it because it is just soooo sweet. But finally, here is the perfect use for it! A darling foil for the intense east sun that heats up the bathroom in the morning, where it is held captive and stuffy the rest of the day. Seersucker to the rescue!

1 comment:

  1. So summery and cheerful....that is what I love about seersucker. Only time I hated it was in the 70's when they came out with leisure suits made of it. Can you imagine?????