Tuesday, February 16

Au fil de l’Orb

Au fil de l’Orb (Over the Orb)
watercolor on paper, 4 x 6 inches
Copyright 2010, T. Claire O’Connor


La maison de nos chers amis de Jean-Noël et Martina (avec Ken, ci-dessous) à Roquebrun, France, surplombant la rivière Orb.

The home of our dear friends Jean-Noel and Martina (with Ken, below) in Roquebrun, France, overlooking the Orb River.


I joined a five-month Professional Art Practices group at The Drawing Studio in downtown Tucson.  My goal is to develop a body of work in fabric art and watercolor, with the intention of selling it.  And since we are moving to Roquebrun in two years, ultimately, my vision is to support myself as an artist IN FRANCE!  How’s THAT for moxie!?  Wheee!!!

Last month, I committed to the group – and more importantly, myself, to a 20-hour per-week studio practice.  This month, I further committed to create, each month, 5 small paintings, 5 mini-quilts (fused) and 5 small quilts (fused).  Since I am a true fledgling, and in all that delightful, tender fledgling-ness, need I say, this is BIG!

FLEDGLING = a young bird that has just grown the feathers needed to fly and is capable of surviving outside the nest.

So, Au fil de l’Orb is my first installment!

More to come!


  1. Oh, my goodness, you have been very busy! I'm enjoying your blog and thought I'd better leave a comment instead of merely lurking.

    Congratulations on the upcoming move to France! Wow. I hope you and yours find it everything you've dreamed of.

    I recently found a large bag of fabric that was giving to me years ago. I washed it thoroughly and was thinking about donating it. I don't know if you have the room, or even if you'd be interested in it, but it's available for your fabric stock.

    It's really wonderful that you've made the commitment to consistent artwork. It is life changing and I have no doubt you will make it all work!

  2. I found you from Robin's blog...this is a great painting, so sweet. I just went to France for the first time last summer. I wish you well with your dream.