Monday, May 4

The Arizona Inn


Eight blocks from our house is a hidden gem, the historic Arizona Inn. Stepping into its’ 14 acres of lush oasis in the middle of central Tucson is like stepping back into time. You almost expect to see Humphrey Bogart leaning against the bar in the main dining room smoking a cigarette and casting sideways glances at the beautiful woman at the piano.

Built in 1930 in the philanthropic spirit of the New Deal by Isabella Greenway, Arizona’s first Congresswoman and close friend of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Still owned and operated by the Greenway family, it is our favorite splurge for Sunday brunch poolside, dahling. I always feel like I should be wearing tennis togs and a tight pony tail.

I stopped by there yesterday morning with camera in hand to photograph the sunshine-y yellow luxurious patio cushions. I am having cushions made for our two chaises and for the patio chairs. Our home was built in the same era (1933), and our patio furniture looks very much like theirs, so we are going for “the Arizona Inn “look” for our own patio cushions. I wanted to make sure I got them right!



I snapped a few other photos for your viewing pleasure as well!







  1. Fabulous!!!! Love the cushions. What a beautiful place.

  2. I love places like this. My grandparents retired to the California desert and so many these fabulous hotels have modernized.