Wednesday, May 20

Pillow fetish!


I think I finally have to admit that I have a pillow fetish.  Perhaps one might go so far as to say it’s as serious as an outright addiction. At least I think Ken would agree.


All I know is that when I finished these pillows for the new double lounge chair that we scored on Craig’s List last week – did I mention we got it for $100!??!--- that I had no sooner finished the closure on the last pillow before I was getting my shoes on to make my first trip to SAS Fabric by the Pound.

As if I need more pillows… I mean, here’s the daybed in the Arizona Room:


My theory is that pillows make life softer. More pillows = more softness. Here’s the 14-pound pile of scrumptious summer fabrics from my trip to SAS:


I see that I am being drawn to stripes lately!! And seersucker and windowpane plaids! Yum!!

Anyone know a good cheap source for down pillow forms?!

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