Tuesday, May 19

Sculpture Installation


Our friend Marla, artistic landscape designer extraordinaire, also happens to be a talented metalworks designer. She designed this stunning sculpture for the blank wall in our west-courtyard-in-progress.  It was way fun to see it installed yesterday!  It really adds a stunning focal point in addition to the fountain. Here, the before and after:



Also, can you believe this great double-wide chaise lounge we scored for $100 on Craig’s List!?  I got a bunch of upholstery fabric for $3 a yard at Home Fabrics and a pile of pillow forms – guess what I’m up to this afternoon!?

Fabric for Pillows

Oh, and here’s a shot from the side so you can see how three-dimensional it is! 


Now we get to figure out how to light it at night! Yum!

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  1. I love that sculpture! Perfect on that wall! Can not believe you got the lounge for $100. I just looked at one at the local nursery outdoor furnture place and it was $1300!!!!! Needless to say I passed on it. Maybe I will check out our Craigs List. :)