Sunday, March 14

Consider treating yourself to a painting holiday in southern France!

FrenchStepsNicola (2)

Nicola2On our trip to France last autumn, Ken and I had the great pleasure of developing a friendship with English artist Nicola Blakemore, now happily living and working in Quarante in the French Languedoc.  It was one of those times where I felt I’d met up with a long-lost sister. 

BignGarrigo (2)I attended several of her enjoyable painting classes.  These were hosted by innkeeper Sarah Over, at her beautiful rural bed-and-breakfast, Bigno Garrigo in Barres, a little hamlet just outside of Quarante.

Nicola (2)Based on the success of these painting classes, Nicola and Sarah have put their heads together and at come up with the idea of running week-long (and weekend-long) “painting holidays” at the B&B, taught by Nicola!

BicycleNicolaPainting (2)

LadiesPainting (2)I invite you to click through here and have a look – and perhaps start dreaming of taking yourself to rural France to dive into your inner artist!  Painting Holidays with Artist Nicola Blakemore.

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  1. That looks like so much fun! Wish I could afford it! I love the new look of your blog page too!