Wednesday, March 31

Getting ready for the Spring Garden Tour

Here is the front porch bed all tired and overgrown from the winter…



In progress…

I spent many hours tearing out the adorable but invasive vinca minor (periwinkle), and adding a bunch of annuals and perennials (lavender, marguerite daisy, verbena, a low ornamental grass, a cordlyine) – with a few more to come next weekend.  I also pruned all the suckers and extra heads on the gorgeous sego palm – much bettah!


And here it is all spiffed up for our participation in the Spring Garden Tour on April 18

DSC_0046 You can see the baby Neon Rose Wave Petunias in the photo above.  This color Wave petunia won’t be on the market until NEXT Spring, but I entered a contest on the Wave Rave website and WON!  Six 3-inch Neon Rose starts, and six 3-inch white Angelonia starts! I get to be one of their little “test gardeners”.

I am a huge fan of these high-performance babies! I’ll post some pics in a few weeks and you’ll see why!  Each little start should produce waves and waves of bright blooms –around a six-foot diameter per plant – EVEN in the desert.

Go here to become an official fan and maybe you’ll win stuff, too.

Above, Kirby and Roxy, always at the ready to “help”.

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  1. Thank you for taking the photos and sharing them. They are lovely. You have a lovely home.Christine