Wednesday, April 6

Au revoir ‘Casa Encantada’!

Tomorrow, the movers arrive!  In preparation for our Big Move to France in almost exactly 13 months, we have happily sold our beautiful home, Casa Encantada!  Whee!







Casa Encantada, our home for almost exactly 3 years since we moved to Tucson.  She will now be home to a lovely friend of ours for whom we’ve dog-sat… Rover & Misty Blue.  Here’s what dog-sitting them usually looked like (fuzzy cell phone pic – didn’t want to disturb them by getting up to fetch my camera):


That’s my dog Roxy down at the end of the sofa, Rover in the middle then Misty Blue nestled up against my tush (see my red slipper?)  I know, as if you could tell the difference between the three of them!

We have been extraordinarily happy here!  May Tina and Rover and Blue be just as happy!  We bless this house for giving us sanctuary and a container for our love, creativity and connection!

Now, on to our lovely interim chapter!  We are renting a delightful guest house just under a mile from Casa Encantada – we will be a block north of The Arizona Inn.

Pics to come as we move in and create a fresh Enchanted Home.  In the meantime, here’s the Google Earth satellite view:

5 N. Sierra Vista Drive

The owner of the main house, artist Indiana Nelson, calls this house The Sanctuary.  We are renting the western third of the compound – 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 250 square foot covered porch, indoor space equals about 1000 square feet. 

The house is an old 1920s hacienda-style estate.  You know this style of house I’m referring to… rooms built around a central courtyard, with each room opening onto the courtyard with fountain — so excited!!  I love old homes with soul!  I imagine that ties into why I am drawn to Europe – and France in particular.

We’ve tentatively named our guest house The Little House of Play, (or Little Playhouse).  Though after spending a week taking a load over every day, and spending two afternoons painting the master bedroom, I am inclined to agree with Indiana.  This place is magical and feels like a true sanctuary.

(WARNING: Amatuer-video alert!) Here’s a video of the central courtyard (that’s my hunny-hubby Kenny!):

And the Living Room:


And the kitchen leading on out to the covered porch:

The Master Bedroom:


If you would like to see a few more short videos, click here go to my YouTube Channel.

More “Before” pics and “Progress” pics to come!

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