Thursday, April 14

Fountain-side alcove sleeping, via shaded south colonnade

Our walls are silky, sanguine, incandescent ‘Magic Hour’.  Our sleeping alcove is matte ‘Soul Sister’. Both are luminous full-spectrum paints from Citron Paint here in Tucson.


Here’s the description of ‘Magic Hour’ from Citron’s website:

As the sun slides down in Tucson, the light gets sideways and golden halos transform the desert. Ordinary trees become glowing sculptures and mountains become epic. The drab curtain of the day is parted, and you can glimpse the beauty that's always there. My family calls it magic hour.


Arched door leads directly out onto the cobblestone courtyard.  Here’s an exterior shot of the covered walkway; the first purple door on the left is the bedroom. the second door is the laundry room.  The entrance to Indiana’s part of the house is down at the very end of the colonnade.  (Colonnade!  I love using that word!)


That’s Bella, a sweet girl we’re sitting for until the 23rd… her parents are in Hawaii. I’m thinking everyone got a good deal!

Below is a view toward the bedroom door, standing in the kitchen and looking through the covered porch.


The fountain is almost directly outside this south-facing door!


This north-facing window looks out onto the Santa  Catalina Mountains – the place where Magic Hour really happens!  We can see the mountains sitting or lying in bed!


The bedroom is reached either from the colonnade, or internally by going through Ken’s bathroom and this closet-lined hall and arched doorway.DSC_0136

A few other angles of Ken’s bathroom:


Mountain views from the commode! DSC_0134a

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  1. Hello there, Barbara from California, here! I so enjoyed touring your home! By California standards, it's a real deal, and beautiful! You can just feel the love that went into putting it all together! I hope the move is a good thing and that it goes well for you.