Thursday, April 14

Sweet-crazy-happy little kitchen

Some “ïn-progress” photos of our sweet electric-yellow kitchen!  So yellow, it almost vibrates… at first, we thought we’d paint over it, but it has really quite grown on us!

The French doors face due west and are essentially our front door/main entrance. The floor is concrete stained a rich deep earthy brownish-red.

Click any image to enlarge.

In this first photo, the orange hall on the left (with the blue & white floor tile) leads through to the aqua living room.  My bathroom is off the hall – it’s the same orange.  Actually, it’s more of a bright apricot in person.


This arched door leads to the covered porch.DSC_0118

Here’s the view standing in the kitchen looking out onto the covered porch.  The purple door left of center is our bedroom.DSC_0153a

Here, the doorway in the center of the photo leads to a short hall – more of a passage than a hall -- where the fridge resides.  Oh, and Roxy’s “station” is there, too… dawg food dish, kibble bin, water bowl, hooks for leashes, collars, etc.DSC_0117

We managed to insert this darling little green metal table in just the right spot so that it actually works, even though the layout is essentially a galley and a major arterial through the house.  Enough room for one chair and a wee wrought-iron stool, too.


Note the absence of a dishwasher and microwave.  Also, no garbage disposal and there is some mysterious short in the fridge that allows the inside lights to work only on, er, every 40th time you open the door.  And having the fridge in the hall makes for an awkward work triangle.  All that being true, the space is magical nonetheless and sings with happiness.

Ken is on a thrift-store hunt for a microwave, but I could easily live without one and hardly miss it.  The only thing I use it for is to warm plates and for the occasional bag of buttery popcorn.

Now, to figure out how to hang the scallop-edged mirror over the stove without marring the masonry-covered adobe walls.  Hmmm…. purple ribbon?

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