Monday, March 23

Our "Arizona Room" on a warm March evening

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Before I moved to Arizona, I had never heard of a phenomenon called an "Arizona Room". Florida Rooms, why, yes, being from New Jersey, of COURSE I'd heard of Florida Rooms. But it would sound awfully silly to call the room in this photo -- essentially our summer living room, deep in the heart of Arizona -- a Florida Room?!

This room was another reason we fell in love with this house. Windows on 3 sides. A view and access to the pool and backyard. Cooler northern exposure (well, cool-ish, anyway). Access to the west courtyard and the sound of the fountain. Tres Arizona. What's not to love? Besides the fact that it's freezin' in this room in the high desert winter.

I wonder what they call this kind of room in, say, Texas?

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