Sunday, March 1

Two brilliant upgrades in my quilting studio, if I do say so myself

Here are a couple of fun new things I added to my quilting studio!
The top photo shows the addition of a low, short pegboard over my cutting table. I painted it the same color as the wall in an effort to have it blend in for a less cluttered look. I think it worked! I recall it's Benjamin Moore's "Pool Blue" -- a happy, summer-y turquoise. I have yet to fill all those neat little hooks! In due time, no doubt.

I am a big proponent of what I call "micro-ergonomics" -- the art of streamlining and refining those little steps one does over and over. I noticed I was always moving the pile of fabrics involved in my current projects. They always seemed to be in the way, no matter where I put them. Hmmm... what to do?

Inspiration struck! This photo shows the low-tech yet neato slide-out tray I added under my cutting table. I had it perfectly sized for flat fat quarters. It's located right above Roxy's den, complete with dawg bed, which you can't quite see in this photo.

I love having a convenient spot, nearby, yet off the main work surface, for stashing those fabrics that are in use. As many of you know, sometimes they are "in progress" for months! So it's a great place to put them away without putting them AWAY. Saves re-folding and then needing to find them again, pull them out, and re-iron them. No need to turn around. No need to walk all the way around my sewing table over to the fabric stash shelves. Less steps! Intermediary place for intermediary items. Perfect!

Ahhhh.... It's the little things that make life sing! The divine is indeed in the details.