Tuesday, March 24

Luxury Dawg


Roxy may SEEM to be enjoying the lap of luxury, but upon closer inspection, you will notice the mild poutiness of her posture. She got tired of waiting for me to take her for a walk and decided to take a light nap -– but within view, in case I happen to change my mind at any moment.  Notice her tail, mid-thump, once she sees me pull out my camera. Gawd, I love this dawg!


  1. She is being so patient, bless her sweet heart! I love my girls, what would I do in the studio if I didn't have their companionship?!

  2. My Ozzie is like that. He sits with his head on his front paws and then looks up at me with that "please take me for a walk today?" look. It is awful especially when it is rainy or icy or something and you just can not explain why you are not going! They are the best.