Wednesday, January 21

2009 Tucson Quilt Show favorites

Here are some of my favorite quilts from this past weekend's Tucson Quilt Show -- yum!

"Rainbows All Around", by Doris Wells, was a stunner. It won for Excellent Use of Color and 1st Place in the Pieced Wall Quilt category.

This one was wild -- very three-dimensional and all loose and free-floating layered leaves. How layered? It stood about an inch away from the wall in profile. I'll confirm the name of this one and the artist at the next Guild meeting; I'm pretty sure it's "Falling Leaves" by JoAnn Strohn.

This one, called "Night Quilting with Hertzsprung & Russell" by Karen G. Fisher, had sewn-on star-shaped buttons in a diagonal swath across the middle --over 500 of 'em! Nerdy Fact of the Day: Hertzsprung & Russell is a colour-magnitude diagram that shows the relationship between absolute magnitude, luminosity, classification, and effective temperature of stars. Cool, huh!?

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  1. I'm always drawn to those primary colors, but the leafy piece looks textural and interesting too. Not my own personal bag, but I like to admire it ALL!