Tuesday, January 20

Our 2009 Mind Map: what Ken & I want to create this year

Over the Holidays, Ken and I were at his house in Mexico for some R&R. One of our intentions was to write up what we want to create in 2009 - both individually and as a couple. We made a master list and then converted it into a Mind Map.

When we got home, we converted it into a large (flip-chart sized) version and hung it on our bedroom door! Since we've been home, we've added stuff and will continue to refine it. The center circle says, "Ken & Claire 2009". The main circles that come off of that are:

My additional thought was to search Google Images for some visual elements to flesh out the words! A new high-tech way of doing a Vision Board!

This has been a fun process and has really helped us coalesce our energies and intentions. I'd love to hear what ways you've done 'visioning' around your intentions for 2009!
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