Monday, January 19

Ahhh... the curative powers of yellow

Ken and I painted the Living Room and the Dining Room this weekend. This is something we've been wanting to get to for the past 9 months since we bought our house. Yay! We are thrilled with the results. We did both rooms in Benjamin Moore "Traditional Yellow". The folks who used to own this house had a well-coordinated palette of Pottery Barn-esque khaki, putty, mushroom and olive. (Ker-plunk.) It looked great with their stuff, but we are in love with these brighter, clearer, happy colors.

Only the kitchen and Master Bath/walk-in closet remain to be painted.

Oh, that and the chimney in the Living Room, which you'll see here partially painted. It's going to be Benjamin Moore "Eggplant".

Oh, yeah, and also Eggplant for the front door and the French doors in the Dining Room.

And I'm sure I'll think of something else! (As in re-doing the Benj. Moore "East Lake Rose" with which we painted the long bowling alley of a hallway, which was supposed to be more of a peachy pink color and ended up being the kind of pure pink you might see in Miami! Yikes! I think I'll let him off the hook and re-do it when he's in Europe since he has already more than fulfilled his part of the bargain!!

Living Room, Before (old color: some sort of putty)

Living Room, during painting
New wall color: "Traditional Yellow" by Benj. Moore

New chimney color: "Eggplant" by Benj. Moore

Living Room with the furniture back in. The walls are done, chimney is yet to be done!

What I am noticing is how full and rich I feel when surrounded by this buttery-lemony yellow! I'd love to hear about your experiences with the emotional effects of your wall colors...

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