Tuesday, January 27

My First Commissioned Quilt!

I have begun the yummy fabric selection process for a Super King bed quilt for my dear friends in Holland! I can now officially call myself an "internationally commissioned quilter" -- because they're paying me generously! Boy, am I doing The Happy Dance!! The pattern is Radiant Sunshine & Shadow, from the book of the same name by fellow Tucsonans Helen Frost and Cathy Skow. (Helen's mom is the famous-in-the-quilt-world Blanche Young.)

My friends have requested the quilt be "dark blue, cream and beige", so I am in the process of purchasing many swatches to give them lots of choices -- I can hardly believe my great good fortune!! Shopping for fabrics -- oh, the drudgery! (Not!)

Here's the first batch o' blues, from The Quilter's Market in Tucson. We'll need to select 4 of the blue fabrics. I've cut them into 3 inch squares because that is the largest size block in the finished uilt and I wanted them to be able to see the fabric in the right scale.
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  1. Can't wait to see the progress on this one. Congratulations on your internatinal commission! And if only you could commission some of your lovely Tuscon sunlight and warm temps to migrate up here to the VERY cold Pacific Northwest, I would be very grateful.

  2. oops the typing witch got my cold fingers, but you know I meant internatiOnal... J

  3. I love those gorgeous blues! I can't wait to see the progression on this quilt, I hope you'll post about it.

  4. Yes, I definitely plan to post about the progression of this quilt!! That’s part of the fun!