Thursday, January 29

Sonoran Sunlight = Food for the Spirit

My first winter in Arizona, and I say, the Sonoran sunlight is dee-lish! Here are a few photos of some plants on our front porch and our entry foyer. It is 7:40 A.M. and an apparently not-so-unusual-for-January 33 degrees (humidity 54%). Apparently Tucson -- at elevation of 2600 feet above sea level -- HAS winter! I didn't quite believe it when Tucsonans warned me! The consolation is that it will get up to 65 today. I made the collage using Picasa.
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  1. Love those photo collages! Your house is so lovely. Thanks for sharing some sunshine with us all. Hope that blue quilt is coming along OK...looking forward to seeing its progress.
    PS Having read your other websites, I want you to know that I got stuck into clearing out my baking and measuring stuff in my kitchen. Not sure if I got rid of 23 things, but even what I did rearrange is making me smile:) Who needs dried up old brown sugar, right?

  2. Why thanks Jane!! I love how this blogging technology enables not only creative self-expression but also to connect warmly with total strangers. I really enjoy reading your comments! I am waiting to hear back from my Dutch friends on fabric selection – I am crossing my fingers that it is in time for the 25% off sale at one of the shops I bought the samples from. Though I have a feeling it will entail a bit more back-and-forth before we land on the right combo – we’ll need 8 fabrics.

    Good for you for clearing your stuff! Yuck, old brown sugar! Just curious-- Have you noticed any corresponding shifts in your energy, your life, or new blessings flowing in since?