Monday, January 18

First quilt blocks, revisited & redeemed

Feeling stuck in my studio last week, I decided to work on an old unfinished project – or rather, a “work-in-progress” (there, then it sounds like I intended to leave it unfinished ‘til now.) 

This is a sampler quilt I started in one of my first quilting classes 18 months ago.  I pulled out the blocks, discarded a bunch of the way-too-crooked learner’s efforts, made a bunch more, (got happy by noticing how much my technical skill has improved since I last worked on this project!) got rid of the too-cute elements and put it up on the design wall. 

It turned out better than I had hoped, though it’s still it a bit precious. I am seeing that I really prefer working improvisationally instead.  Still, this one has been fun!

Here are two images of playing around with the layout and sashing color – darker purple batik versus light lavender printed cotton:



I decided to go with the trees-on-the-top layout, and since I did not have enough of the darker sashing, I think I will use that for the binding instead.  I plan to send this one to my mom when it is done.


  1. What a charming quilt, Claire. Have to say that I preferred the trees in the middle. To my eye the composition looks more balanced that way! But either way, I'm sure your mom will be thrilled!

  2. Jane is right, it's just as charming as it can be!