Wednesday, January 13

Our 2010 Mind Map


Here’s a visual representation of what we came up with on our 2010 Couples Visioning Retreat this past weekend at the Arizona Inn

We’ve done this visioning process every year, but this was the first time we went off-campus, so to speak.  We gave ourselves an entire day lolling about the place, poolside and courtside.  Fortified by a lovely brunch at the Inn, gifted to us by our friend, Carly, who stayed with us during part of her Spring Break from college last year.

We’ve made some big, BOLD, juicy new goals for this year and we are feeling so much energy and excitement.  What a contrast from just 4 short years ago.

For fun, here’s last year’s mind map (below).  We did not manifest everything, but we came close enough!


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