Tuesday, January 26

My 2010 Tucson Quilt Show favorites

Our local quilt guild show was this past weekend – here are some of my faves (yum!):

DSC_0129Parcheesi by Susie Bright – this one is hand-pieced and hand-quilted!  Sheesh!

DSC_0122Nature’s Gems by Susie Weaver

DSC_0143You’re Not the Only Starfish in the Sea by Mary Vaneecke

DSC_0147Ring Around the Aloe by Lois Podolny

DSC_0161Fireworks a la Bumbleberry by Nancy Landon et al

Pretty Polly by Janine Holzman
See Polly close-up in border below…


DSC_0187 Toe Jam Hill by Maria S. Groat

DSC_0205The Way to True October by Diane Ellison

DSC_0223Sarah’s Wedding Quilt by David Landon & Nancy Landon

DSC_0227Hosanna by Diane Ellison.  Detail below:



DSC_0231 Cereus-ly Cactus by Laura Steiniger

DSC_0217Just Do It by Nancy Arsenault.  Detail shot below:



DSC_0197For the Grandmothers by Barbara Hall


  1. Gorgeous quilts. I sure hope some of the Tuscon ladies will think about entering the Pacific West quilt show contest in 2011...www.apnq.org - check it out!

  2. Oh my goodness! Such beautiful work. I can't believe that first quilt was had pieced, amazing!