Wednesday, January 27

Working on strips for the house quilt border


I (think I) have decided to turn the quilt in my last post into a top instead of a back.  It will need some lively help around the perimeter, so I spent the morning piecing strips of leftover fabric from the last two quilt tops – see above. Tomorrow, I’ll sub-cut these into a narrow-ish border – maybe 2.5 to 3 inches wide.  The light in my studio is quite yellow, especially at this hour of the day, so the colors came out a bit more muted than they are in real life. 

I think/hope I will have some leftover strips to launch into the next quilt top, as I would like to do a trio of nap quilts from related fabrics as gifts for my 3 nieces in New Jersey, Cassidy, Amber and Kristina (left to right) pictured below with my gorgeous sister Colleen.


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