Monday, January 4

Roughing it at Dolphin Bay, Mexico

Kenny and I just returned from a quick 4-day vacation in San Carlos Mexico, which is a 6-hour drive directly south of Tucson.  San Carlos is on the Sea of Cortez, so the waves are quite gentle.  It was a little cool, but we did have some long moments in the low 70s, so our primary “activity” was reading and napping on the beach.  Rough!

8 of us went! (My first experience vacationing with a large group!) It was Ken and me, Ken’s sister Leslie and her hubby Bill, Leslie’s daughter Lacy and her beau, Will, both home from college. And the guests of honor were Ken’s son, Nikos and his girlfriend, Anna, who flew down from Missoula, Montana, to spend Christmas week with us.

A great time was had by all, with one highlight being a knock-down game of Cranium.  If you have a chance to play this game, I highly recommend it – it was a blast!

And YES, we saw dolphin swimming in close to shore -- every day!

Roughing it at Bahia Delfin (Dolphin Bay) in San Carlos.

Kenny, me, Bill & Leslie

Anna, Kos, Lacy and Will


Bill, Leslie, Kos, Anna, Ken, me and Lacy.

Two views of “The Goat’s Teats”, San Carlos, Mexico.

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