Friday, January 22

Our Roquebrun (France) photo collage poster experiment


So cool!  On, you can get a poster made of your own photos – the larger posters can take up to 30 images. 

It’s fun and easy –- and QUICK!  We placed our order on the Snapfish website around 9:30 PM one night last week, and at 11:00 AM the next morning, we got a call from our local Staples saying our poster was ready for pickup!  And it only cost about twenty bucks.

Since people always ask us where in France we are moving to, we also included an image of a map that we got off Google Images.  Then we uploaded that along with all the other photo images that we included from our trip.

And then Ken picked up an old oak-framed print at the thrift store.  Since I have an aesthetic allergy to oak, I spray-painted it white. Then we mounted the poster inside the frame.

We see it as acting as a reminder of our wonderful trip and, more importantly for me, a visualization tool to help inspire and ease the transition to our expat life in late 2011/early 2012.

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  1. love the poster idea... cheap too. france, huh? sounds like fun.