Wednesday, February 25

A clear-headed Spring Explosion

It's 10:00 A.M. and 80 degrees in Tucson, on its' way up to 88 -- and I got itchin' to be in my studio and play with color. A delicious pleasure after a couple of days down with a sinus infection and sugar withdrawal. I'm quitting sugar again -- Day 3 and I think the worst is over. Phew! Oh, the loveliness of a clear head!

I pinned up a bunch of fabrics on my design wall that might play happily with the two blocks I made a moon ago -- the orange strip with the yellow centers and the yellow block with the Kaffe Fassett Clouds center.

Ooooo! Just seeing swatches pinned makes me so happy inside! I'll post the progress on this as I go. Interesting to look at the photo, as I can clearly see which fabrics have failed the audition!


  1. I have found photos are great tools to see things you just do not see in reality. Great colors to work with. I am waiting for another snow storm and you have 88 degrees!

  2. Glad you're feeling better! Those colors are going to lift your spirits. Looks like desert sunshine and blue skies in some of your fabric choices. I look forward to seeing what you come up with! Can suajaro (or however you spell that) cacti be far behind?

  3. I am living vicariously through your weather. (we've got a big old snowstorm predicted tomorrow!) :)

    Nice to get a sense of how things are going in your life by looking in on your blog. (i'll have what she's having ...) I'd peeked in when you first announced that you'd started it; not sure why I haven't been back. (must get you on my regular blog roll ...)

    (i should also be thanking you for connecting me to peg and terri; they are both becoming regulars at my writing group; it's such a treat!)

    Hugs, Deb