Tuesday, February 10

Creative Kitchen photo collage

And the kitchen. With dawg, of course. (Click to enlarge.) This is the only main room that we have not painted. It is currently a sort of Pottery barn-esque khaki. We are taking a break from painting for a while. Actually, Ken is taking a permanent break. I have officially released him from duty, as he has more than fulfilled his end. Perhaps I'll paint it while he's in Europe in April.

We are thinking either to continue the pale buttery yellow from the Living Room and Dining Room... partly because we bought a 5-gallon pail of it and only used up 2/3 of it. And partly because it is THE most yummy color and it makes me sooo happy. Ken loves it, too. Plus, I am a firm believer in yellow kitchens, period. We have had at least one vote for a pale peachy-terra cotta, which certainly has merit.

The trick will be in working with the red undertones in the cabinetry, the yellow undertones in the hardwood floor, and the orange undertones in the backsplash. I can see why the previous owner wnet with the khaki. Last week, I even toyed with the idea of a happy avocado/apple green. Though I am firmly in the camp of using warm colors in kitchens. Especially this kitchen, which, with its western exposure, is the darkest room in the whole house, except for a few hours in the late afternoon.

Any thoughts? Input welcome and invited!

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