Thursday, February 5

Mathilde's Glow-y Reward

Okay, 9:20pm, and Mathilde has finally called it quits for the day. Ugh. Thank heavens! I REALLY appreciate her devoted assistance, but man! What a taskmaster she is. Thank goodness she doesn't run the show around here every day.

My reward is that our contractor installed a power pole and guy wires over the deck just off our dining room today so we could put up these wonderful glow-y outdoor light strings! They're Golden Globe Lights from Napa Style for those of you who are gonna wanna know!

Ken and I have been talking about doing something like this since we moved in. The little courtyard is our Spring project -- we will be doing landscaping and putting in some boulders and rock borders, and planting a bunch of tropical plants. The large corner fountain went in last Spring, and we spent a fair bit of time last summer clearing out the remnants of what was in this area before -- lots of small stones which we moved to the backyard a bucket at a time.

Ken will be so pleased to see this installation complete when he returns from his rough men's weekend at Glen Ivy. He spent the afternoon hanging out in the mud baths. I spent my afternoon with Mathilde. Hmmm... what's wrong with this picture?

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