Saturday, February 7

How to Make a Quilter's Custom Pressing Table, Part 2

I had my handyman/contractor dude attach a power strip on the underside of the table. This way, I can easily turn off the iron at the end of the day by clicking the on/off switch on the power strip. The power strip has a super-long cord so I can move the table around to suit whatever size project I am working on. I also put felt stick-on floor protector thingies on the feet of the table to protect the hardwood floor. We screwed in two hooks to guide/keep the cords where I want them. Here's a photo of the finished table! Yum! Pressing heaven! Totally worth the effort!
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  1. Smashing ironing table -- great idea with the power strip dealie...thanks for sharing your instructions!

  2. Thanks it was a fantastic support, now to make a quilter's custom pressing table, is without a doubt very easy with the help of your guidance. Kudos