Monday, February 9

Kirby the Fearless, as evidenced by these amusing spread-eagle sleeping positions

This is the neighborhood cat who adopted us when we moved in to our house last Spring. First we gave him his own bowl. Then we gave him a name. We took him to the vet when he showed signs of lupus. We spent big bucks at the vet to get him all better. He is fearless. He sleeps butt-to-butt with our sloppy-lovey 75-pound Labrador, Roxy. When the house is too warm, he sleeps soundly in these spread-eagle positions that look somewhat uncomfortable. And now we think he is officially ours. Or we are his. More likely the latter.

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  1. It's Super Cat... he just needs a nice red cape.

  2. Oh what a Wonderful Sphere!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I digg it, Claire : ) I love the Colors of your Home, your Quilts, your picks for Video Enchantments! (your Cat, your Dog...) I haven't cruised EVERYthing, but will --and check in to see what i'm missing from time to time!

    Best to Casa Enchanta
    from Casa Luz (that is still under construction, but moving along enchantingly)
    ps i don't know what "profiles" are.... so I clicked anonymous.

  3. Love it!
    The cat photo is priceless!

    I KNOW! – he is such a crack-up! He, just this moment, knocked over the fireplace screen and was UNDER it! Plus, the fireplace is ON

  4. Eva- Thansk for your effusions! I myself can't wait to see Casa Luz at some point!