Thursday, February 19

Love, Love Dawg

Roxy, dawg of my heart, love of my life, on her 5th birthday a couple of weeks ago... 
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  1. What a gorgeous girl! We had a black lab who used to love to have us throw lemons down our canyon in Malibu to chase. Lemons or stones. Well really, anything she could retrieve. But her lemon breath was lovely!! Her name was Liza (as in MInelli). Dear old Lemon Lips Liza. We miss her.

  2. Lemon Lips Liza! Too cute! Roxy loves lemons, too! We have a lemon tree in our yard, and when it is dropping fruit, Roxy sits by the back door pretending she has to go pee, then when I let her out, she makes a bee-line for the tree. And we’ll find lemons laying around the house for weeks.