Tuesday, February 10

Dee-lish Dining Room photo collage

And, the dee-lish dining room, my second-favorite room this time of year. (Click to enlarge.) The sun streams in the arched window almost all day. It's enough to make a gurl swoon!

I just painted the French doors this past weekend... Benj. Moore "Eggplant" to coordinate with the chimney and the sofa and the dining room chair cushions. What do you think? I say it's Plum Heaven! I think I'll stop with the eggplant for now. Even though I have more than a half-gallon left. But first, I'm gonna paint the two doors in the Arizona Room!
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  1. There's that little Roxy. We had the conversation about your process with these rooms, it's fun to see the photos. Love the green arched threesome windows. Lovely, might have to borrow those for a painting if I may?

  2. YES! Would love for those yummy windows to get more famous! Roxy is somewhat camera-shy, but yet still manages to git herself in a lot of my shots.

    You must be leaving for Paris any minute! Any time for a send-off chat?