Friday, February 20

Waterless River + Joyous Dawgs = Numinous Pleasures

Here, dear readers, is a photograph of a typical "river" in southern Arizona -- pretty much waterless except during the summer monsoons. In this case, the Rillito River, which "runs" right through the center of town... There is a lovely mixed-use path that borders the river for a stretch of 12 miles.

This rivers-without-water thing took some getting used to after 15 years in the lush Pacific Northwest and 24 years in the quintessential-four-season-land of New Jersey. Actually, I'm still not quite used to it.

The benefit, however, is the equivalent of a beach-walking cardio workout right in this desert town. And off-leash heaven for Roxy and her sweetheart Dzigboti, aka "Boti", the mile-high Rhodesian Ridgeback, seen here folded over in mid-pounce.

And the path next to the "river"...
My friend Marla and I headed out at 8:30 this morning and the temp was 36 (!). By the time we got back to my house at 10, the temp had eased on up to 58. The air smelled like sage and warmth. Ahhhh... once again, so happy I decided to move here.


  1. Oooh, Numinous was a brand new word for me. Thanks for expanding my vocabulary. I keep humming that Beatles tune about "Jojo was a? from Tuscon Arizona, Far from California etc." when I read your blogs!

  2. That is especially funny, because my mother’s name is Loretta – and I think that’s the song that says, “Get back Loretta”. And yes, "numinous", as in "sublime".