Thursday, February 26

Waiting for April -- A Curious Evolution

I am loving the creative process -- no, let me personalize it -- I am loving MY creative process. Here are four photos that show the audition process for "Waiting for April". How interesting that all the blues eventually went bye-bye.

Audition #1

Audition #2

Audition #3

Audition #4

And, here is the finished top! It feels like it does not want a big border -- the binding will act as slim border.

What do ya think!? I love it -- so happy. "Waiting for April". In Arizona. Did I mention it was 83 degrees today?


  1. Your creative process is very interesting with great results! And I'm thrilled that the zig zag didn't make the cut! Whew, close call! LOL!

  2. If you can't see all the fabrics you want to play with, then you can't make decisions. I think you made terrific creative decisions on this one. Good job!